F-One Fifty One Foil Board

F-One Kitefoil Boards TS-51


The F-ONE 51 TS foil board is a unique model blending the great qualities and resilience of a tough topsheet construction with the ease of use and performance of all F-ONE foilboards.

Built around an injected foam core with protective top and bottom sheet layers, the 51 TS is ready for a life-long service. The solid cap construction will preserve the edges of the board when the latter is laid on its side together with the foil while ashore.

Length is important to keep firm directional control and width helps providing some tolerance in feet placement. So at 156cm long by 51cm wide, this board has enough of both to offer control and stability to help manage the foil with ease. Its slim design allows for easier water-starts as the board sits more stable on its side and results in more inflight control.
The bottom V and generous rocker on the nose also make the occasional touch-downs more manageable.

The board comes equipped with multiple attachment points for footstraps and with a bolt-on 6061 anodized aluminium base plate hosting a KF Box. The KF Box allows for an easy assembly and is compatible with many foils on the market.

Full pads
K.F BOX base plate
F-ONE surf straps (optional)


Size 51 
Dimensions 156 x 51 cm
Weight 4.0 kg*


K.F Box


Board only!!!

Ihr benötigt hierzu noch das IC6 850 V.1 Kitefoil!!!

Surf X2 / Foil Straps findet Ihr bei uns im Shop.


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F-One Fifty One Foil Board 156 * 51 cm Board only


Available in three different widths, these boards were created to be 100% dedicated to foiling with tailored characteristics to meet the requirements of this new discipline.


Compact in design to reduce the wind drag, the top deck of the F-ONE foilboards is concaved to maximize comfort and control. The bottom is particularly shaped and uses a precisely tuned concave with side Vs, combined with a strong nose rocker to soften the impact when the board touches down. The rails are high and inverted to reduce drag when the board meets the water while edging hard upwind.

With its large volume and width, the 51 is forgiving for the beginners and offers a lot of room for feet placement. Its compact shape and the 2016 evolutions such as the pinched tail outline also make this board very progressive and suited for all levels of practice.


The 49 is targeted at riders who have already mastered their and foil and are keen to get more performances out of it. With its moderate width, this board will let you edge harder upwind with reduced weight and wind drag. Available with a carbon construction for a more responsive and featherweight board.

Equipped with multiple attachment points to facilitate tuning and with the all-conical KF-BOX for an easy assembly these boards offer compatibility with most of the foils available on the market.

With two sizes and two types of construction available (carbon or glass fiber), the range is perfectly suited to all types of riding levels.




Full pads



Board only!!!

Ihr benötigt hierzu noch das IC6 850 V.1 Kitefoil!!!

Surf X2 / Foil Straps findet Ihr bei uns im Shop.


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F-One Kitefoil IC 6 850 V.1

Kitefoil IC 6 850 V.1


F-ONE’s unique experience in foiling has now been gathered into the most accessible and versatile package ever, combining early and super smooth take-off, impressive control and maneuverability, with the speed range that anyone should expect from a versatile foil.

Available with a 90cm or 65cm mast, the IC6 850 foil will please beginners and experienced riders alike. Choose the 65cm for a faster learning curve or the 90cm version for maximum versatility.

Besides early lift, the wing design offers a very smooth and predictable ride. The carving possibilities are endless on this very user-friendly package with maximum fun potential.

The construction focuses on reliability with aluminium used for the mast, mast foot, fuselage and front wing connector. The wings built in iC6 injected carbon are extremely resistant while providing a smooth and comfortable ride.


- Early and super smooth take off

- Very stable and predictable ride

- Amazing carving potential

- Versatile with great speed range



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F-One X2 Surf / Foil Straps

F-One X2 Surf / Foil Straps


The shape and material for the new surf strap have been carefully selected to bring you maximum comfort and support while riding.


2 Straps inkl. Schrauben


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