F-One Foilboard Pocket

F-One Foilboard Pocket


The F-ONE bamboo pocket foilboards were crafted to reduce the momentum and drag of the board to bring your maneuvers and carving to the next level.

  • Ideal for freestyle and carving
  • Equipped with track system for
  • Unrivalled Bamboo construction




Size 4'3 x 18.5" Dimensions 130 x 47 cm Volume 21.1 L


Das passende F-One Kitefoil IC 6 850 V.2 findet ihr bei uns im Shop 


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“Minimum size for maximum fun!”, this is the mantra behind these boards. By reducing the length it is possible to enlarge significantly the possibilities for all kinds of maneuvers and further engage into carving.

These pocket boards share similar DNA on the bottom with a double concave and some distinctive bevels. Their outline is adapted specifically to this very compact shape, with the maximum width carried almost all the way forward. This keeps the boards very easy to use and accessible to all intermediate and advanced riders.

Built with a bamboo sandwich laminate over a lightweight EPS core, these boards are fitted large deck pad for total comfort and they come with a track system on the bottom to match any foil equipped with a 4-bolt top plate.

Very playful with an immense potential for all kinds of tricks or simply for carving some lines, these boards are available in 130x47 and 120x46 sizes. They will soon be the obvious choice for a large number of riders who like to play with the freestyle and carving potential of foiling.

The twin track system with lateral spacing of 90mm is becoming an industry standard. This system is compatible with all foils featuring a top plate with 4 fastening bolts. The length of the tracks enables some room to adjust the position of the foil on the board to reach everyone’s prefered balance.

Bamboo construction combines glass fiber and bamboo veneers wrapped around the board into what is called a sandwich composite construction to achieve better resistance, weight and stiffness. The bamboo veneers are placed in-between two or more fiberglass layers and this increases the characteristics of the composite material. We can therefore use less fiberglass to save weight and reach a board which is even more robust.

F-One Kitefoil IC 6 850 V.2

F-One Kitefoil IC 6 850 V.2


The IC6 850 is very accessible and offers a surprising potential for progression so it is really the ideal “first” foil purchase.

  • Very accessible
  • Versatile, very intuitive, and predictable
  • Large range of use
  • Compatible with all boards

Area: 850cm², Weight: 1.09kg, Mast: 85cm


849,00 €

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The IC6 technology enables to mix carbon fibers with an injected base material to reach a unique blend of characteristics, combining the strength of carbon fibers with a bombproof base material. The IC6 technology offers great resistance and stiffness with extreme durability.

F-One Kitefoil IC 6 850 V.1

Kitefoil IC 6 850 V.1 mit 65cm Mast


F-ONE’s unique experience in foiling has now been gathered into the most accessible and versatile package ever, combining early and super smooth take-off, impressive control and maneuverability, with the speed range that anyone should expect from a versatile foil.

Available with a 90cm or 65cm mast, the IC6 850 foil will please beginners and experienced riders alike. Choose the 65cm for a faster learning curve or the 90cm version for maximum versatility.

Besides early lift, the wing design offers a very smooth and predictable ride. The carving possibilities are endless on this very user-friendly package with maximum fun potential.

The construction focuses on reliability with aluminium used for the mast, mast foot, fuselage and front wing connector. The wings built in iC6 injected carbon are extremely resistant while providing a smooth and comfortable ride.


- Early and super smooth take off

- Very stable and predictable ride

- Amazing carving potential

- Versatile with great speed range


Mast 65cm


799,00 €

699,00 €

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F-One X2 Surf / Foil Straps

F-One X2 Surf / Foil Straps


The shape and material for the new surf strap have been carefully selected to bring you maximum comfort and support while riding.


2 Straps inkl. Schrauben


49,00 €

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