WOO 2.0 Tracker Kite / Wake Set

WOO 2.0 Tracker Kite/Wake Set


- 9 Achsen Messung

- Android und IOS kompatibel

- USB Ladefunktion/Kabel

- größte Community 

- Mount Halterung


Push dich in neue Höhen


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WOO extra Mount


WOO Mount für das WOO 1.0 und 2.0 optimal für euer zweites Board.


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Northkiteboarding PIQ Bundle

Northkiteboarding PIQ, PIQ Bundle, PIQ Tracker, piq north tracker

Northkiteboarding PIQ Bundle

  • Jump height in real-time with on board display
  • Records your rides and tracks your progress
  • Challenge with the community
  • Ranking within the leaderboard
  • Captures data on any Kiteboard
  • Available on Google Play and AppStore

PiQ Multisports Sensor + Kiteboard Accessory
The PIQ Kiteboarding performance tracker is the newest action sports wearable technology for kiteboarding.

Your PIQ sensor will record your rides, measure your jumps (height, airtime, G-force at landing) in real time. The PIQ motion tracker will tell you everything there is to know about your performance. You'll be able to read the height of your last jump directly on your board with the press of a button. From beginners to seasoned professionals, the PIQ motion tracker was made with riders all levels in mind. With an app that's easy to navigate, you'll have the details of your performance at your fingertips. Share the details of your session with the PIQ community and discover your ranking!

Challenge, compete and compare - all in a matter of seconds! You will find in your box: your PIQ sensor, your PIQFuel charger, the North and PIQ Kiteboard accessory and the activation card. Charge your PIQ sensor with the PIQFuel and get ready for the session. 



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PIQ Mount


PIQ Mount für das 2. Board!!!


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21,99 €

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PIQ, Northkiteboarding PIQ Bundle