WOO 2.0 Tracker Kite / Wake Set

WOO 2.0 Tracker Kite/Wake Set


- 9 Achsen Messung

- Android und IOS kompatibel

- USB Ladefunktion/Kabel

- größte Community 

- Mount Halterung


Push dich in neue Höhen


249,00 €

119,00 €

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WOO extra Mount


WOO Mount für das WOO 1.0 und 2.0 optimal für euer zweites Board.


10,00 €

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Duotone PIQ

Duotone PIQ


Much more than a simple tracker, PIQ ROBOT™ is a game-changer for all kiteboarders! With its real-time display, you'll ride harder than you've ever ridden.

Playing is fun, winning is exhilarating!Let the PIQ Robot™ highlight your Winning Factors 


Thanks to the power of the PIQ ROBOT™, you’ll get real-time actionable information that will allow you to improve your jumps. Your PIQ ROBOT™ will guide you to victory by pointing out your Winning Factors and by letting you know where you can improve! 

In one single awesome device, PIQ ROBOT™ tracks:

tracking Progress



Thanks to the power of the PIQ ROBOT™, get the height of your jumps in real time, right on your board while you’re still in the water!


Record your rides and measure your jumps


PIQ ROBOT™ records your rides and measures your jumps in real time: height, hangtime, and G-Force at landing.


Amazing dashboards for all your sessions


When you’re back on the sand, get the details of your performance at your fingertips in the Duotone and PIQ app: every session, every jump, every victory over the Elements! 

Join the community!  


Duotone and PIQ is the new battleground for big air performance.

After each session, find out whether you made the worldwide leaderboard! 


The Duotone and PIQ app is your new best friend on social networks.

After each session, share your biggest jumps and your Winning Factors with your friends.


208,00 €

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PIQ Mount


PIQ Mount für das 2. Board!!!


24,00 €

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